Welcome to Amoroso

Special Hours: All LPs & Blu Ray DVDs are 50% off & CDs are 30% off.

Our shop is located at 4 Saint Patrick Street in Toronto. Amoroso specializes in buying and selling used CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records in Classical, Jazz, Opera, Rock, R&B, Blues, World, Audiophile, Soundtracks, and Collectibles. For your convenience, temporary parking is available for those interested in
selling large collections; please call (416-591-1313) ahead to reserve.

Derived from Italian, Amoroso in musical terms convey the dynamic of "tender and affectionate". These are the feelings we hope you experience in our warm atmosphere. With our unique and niche collection of music, we also hope you discover that hard-to-find item you've been searching for at just the perfect price.

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